Clearnode app android connections stay idle

Hi everyone. Just setup my clearnode. Im connecting it via my mobile phone/hotspot/tethering so i can use it in my car. Its recognising connections/nodes in the list but when i tap on a node to connect to it either stays idle or connects then disconnects straight away. Any advise please?!

What program are you using to connect? dtmf, supermon,or allscan?
check with the allstar site to make sure you are registering.
Mike N3IDS

Clearnode app android

While not specific to clearnode,
Running mobile on app_rpt via cellphone can be challenging.

Our security is maintained by a registration system and a nodelist which maintains the connection IP’s and ports.

On a cellphone while mobile more often the ip will change faster than the nodelist and your ip is no longer valid in verification in that list of a connection attempt and refused.

I can only say investigate and try to find a way to work around the issue.
DynamicDNS and the like.
I can’t really give any direct advise accomplishing that on a clearnode. It is however a networking fix.
Perhaps the author of the software or their support group have direct advise ?