Clear Node Issues

Trying to set up a ClearNode for a Mototrbo X8300 Repeater VHF. We are trying to RF into and out of the repeater. I had it all working. Allstar, EchoLink and DMR. Yesterday Allstar quit working put a node number into connect would come back connection failed. Today Echolink stopped working all together as well. The only thing working is DMR bridging. The documentation is very limited. Any one using ClearNode on here that might give me an idea of what’s going on?

N9GI - macmikeal (at) Mac (dot) com

While I can’t help with clearnode specifically,
the app_rpt/ASL software should be the same for any, with exception to hamvoip where the base code is alterd.

Could you say something about your network connection to the server and router.
The node numbers(s) in question including ASL & EL.

And post your rpt.conf file

That should give us a start to hunt it down.