Changing the primary Allstar node number using mobaXterm

I am currently running an Allstar node at my QTH, RF linked to a local 2M club repeater under an Allstar account registered to me and my callsign. It was a temporary setup, waiting for the club to get their own account.

Club leadership has now obtained a club Allstar account.

I now have all of the information needed to switch accounts, except the club account doesn’t have a node number yet and the server info page hasn’t been filled in on this site.

I am using MobaXterm to SSH into the node.

Line item 3 in the main menu is titled “Change the primary Node Number”. Which is exactly what I want to do.

Before clicking on that and getting myself into an unanticipated mess, accidentally, I would first ask if someone has been down this rabbit hole before and could offer some tips or guidance.

I have already backed up the SD card.

Thanks in advance!


I would say, you need to wait till you are granted a node number to update it.
Check the self-service portal. It will show when granted.

Or have you yet to ‘request a node number’ for the account ?