Changing login password from the allmon2 web page

I have a repoeater installation that run on 900 mhz and radio with dtmf are hard to come by.
So I wanted to have a list of user from our club to login allmon2 and let them link or unlink from the web page.

I dont want to give them all the same login
so I created a .htpaswd file and they can log in and its working (I removed a few fonction so that they cannot mess too much with the repeater) Anyways I us supermon to monitor the repeater and the passwd file is different for that part of the site.

Now I would like to have the user able to change its password if possible.
Anyone did that with allmon2?
Would it be even possible to do it? (can we call a function like httpasswd from the server?

I think that the only way to acheive this would be to use a Database but I have not the knowledge to code such things.

I am using apache as the web server.


Hi Pierre,

Long time no see.

I consulted Dr Google on this one. Looks like people do it but I wouldn’t. It’s not safe.

I do understand that it is not safe as it would be a way to over fill a buffer and maybe enter new user/password into the password file.

About long time, no see, I am still reading most if not all message posted. Just did not had time to answer any question before it was already being taken care by someone :wink:

unfortunately, Apache has it’s limitations.

The only ‘good way’ I see around this, if you don’t have that many users is,
to duplicate the allmon in several subdirectory’s, each with it’s own user/pass.

They should not conflict as it’s (php) ‘on demand processing’. Nothing residual.
Just a idea of a secure method work-around.