Changing CTs in All Star via PUTTY

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know much about using GSM files instead of numbered custom tones?

I did input the file path but had no joy. I think im miss understanding something in the instructions.

Have you ever used audio files instead of changing the numbers? and if so could you tell me exactly how the file path would look all the way down to the actual GSM file itself in Putty!

Im also struggling to understand what the CTs 3 to 7 actually do as in my PUTTY they are open with numbers but im not hearing more than 1 tone which im assuming is CT8?

Any help would be much appreciated as I’m dyslexic (code can become abit of a nightmare after a while) and a few friends have tried to help who know alot about it but even they were at a loss after the file path didnt work. They think we are missing something.

Not sure what instruction you were using but here is this if you did not see it.

The CT’s are made of tones generated by the system by tone freq and duration.

If you want to play a file for a node number, you have to record the file and place it in
by the number that is the node number you are replacing with a sound file rather than Allison speech.
If the system sees a match in that directory, it will play it and not Allison.

Make sure the codec you choose is enabled in the modules.conf and iax.conf
But I suggest ulaw