Change Body image in Allmon2

In the event this has been asked before I appologize.

Im looking to customize allmon2 and supermon by changing the Background (body) and was wondering which file to edit…

I was playing around with the Inspect option on my browser and was able to change the body background to what I like for testing but not sure where to start on making it Permanent.

Has anyone changed the background around the Nodes and can tell me how they did it ?



There are a number of ways to change the background color. It can be done inline, that is within in the html file. Or it can be done in a style sheet. The style sheet for Allmon2 is allmon.css.

in supermon you would edit supermon.css file
add in the following

html, body {
background-color: #0399d2;
color: black;

place it right under the one that says table.rtcm th { and right above the one that says table.gridtable {
in the file.

Thanks for the Info…

Will give it a try.


That would probably work for Allmon2 as well.