Chan_echolink under water / garbled audio

Has anyone else noticed that if they have multiple Echolink stations connected at the same time, the audio quality on the Echolink side starts to degrade? I searched these forums and haven’t seen anyone mention it. I did a quick search over on the forked side of the road, and I found they started to discuss this topic but never concluded their results of fixing it. Basically to summarize, if one Echolink user station calls in, audio is fine. But every new Echolink user station added to the channel starts to degrade the audio quality, but only on the Echolink receive side of things. Their transmit audio to the other connected nodes is unaffected and clear. I’ve confirmed this by watching my Allmon page to see when 3 or more Echolink stations are connected, I’ll then link myself via Echolink as a user to the channel and all audio heard sounds like it’s garbled under water audio. As I listen via a radio to the node, all audio is completely fine when a Echolink station transmits.

Is the limitation of Running a separate private Echolink node via Dhadi, one Echolink connecting station?

The Echolink instance I am running is on a Hub server, that has Echolink set on its own private node number. I’m wondering if I should turn Echolink off, and have it interface via chan_tlb running in a separate piece of hardware. The Hub server is running on a Dell Optiplex 3040M Micro Mini Tiny PC G4400T 2.9Ghz 8GB Ram 256GB SSD.

Thanks for any insight.

That would be an interesting experiment.

Curious if anyone has found a fix for this… I had to switch the Echolink server over to a separate computer to prevent the garbled audio from being an issue.