CDR (Call Detail Record)

Hello to the Group
Is it possible to see (on a par with the “normal” asterisk) the list of calls in the CDR (Call Detail Record)?

Greetings to all

I can remember having issues with this several versions of the software ago.

I seems to me that I had decided that the CDR calls were not logging because there were no triggers in the RADIO channel (our software) to cooperate with when interfacing to that channel from SIP.

You can do some reading on the topic and I may not have judged this correctly years ago so, best to investigate on your own. Unless someone else has the answer.

What I did was create my own logging procedure inside the sip dials and answers in extensions.conf to a text file I could read from the web server on a cellphone or pc.

This just made the idea of finding an answer to that moot. It worked for me and what I wanted.
Perhaps not the best for everyone.