CAT5 Driver Install

Looking for help. The OS for beta is vary old. I am looking where I should upload a driver for cat5. Not sure if the current OS will support it, but like to try. I was thinking I could add the driver, boot, and see it in module.conf???

What are you referring to when you say Cat5 driver ?
A network driver ?

Ethernet driver. Intel i225v 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet. Need to add driver to beta 6.

You will have to google that ,
for it is likely a matter of the driver being part of the ‘non-free OS distribution’.

It has nothing to do with asl/asterisk.

You won’t see it in module.conf, as it isn’t part of asterisk.

Cursory Google searches find nothing stable for that device in the 4.16.x kernel branch. If you really want to use it, you’ll have to roll up to Debian 12 and try your luck there.

Curiosity begs me to ask why you want to push more than a gigabit at an AllStar machine though. You’d tap out the processor before you’d run out of bandwidth with even the most basic gigabit NIC.

But it’s your bizness, I was just curious.


Thanks for the response. I was seeing the same thing googling. I pickup a mini pc GMKTec. I am looking at using it, as a registration server, to update ext_nodes on my web storage. It does work with an USB to Ethernet connection. Getting 80 up and down. It does have a lot of other bios errors. I did fix temp for supermon, but still working on fan, although its only at 114 F in high loading. I am trying to find a different solution, then using my suitcase size servers. I can go to cloud base servers, but never have found a reliable uptime from them. Using 3 servers, not co-located, I think is best for us.