Cant get Bubblemap

If I try

for my node 53393

it returns. NODE INFO NOT FOUND!

Is there a problem or do I need to do something?

statpostprg and url are set ok



I responded to your Helpdesk request a couple of minutes ago. Thanks for mentioning that your statpost_url= is good on this post. In that case you probably don’t need to do anything.

I’ll ask our guys to look into it and let you know what happens.

Thanks Tim.

my config is this


I understand none for the URL is correct because I am using the send_node_stats prog which has the URL within.

I did there the url also but no different

73 Rob


Please leave statpost_url = and restart your node so we can trouble shoot it.

ok I have just done that.

My config is now


73 Rob


If you are running HamVoIP, this is the correct configuration:


HamVoIP handles interfacing with the stats systems differently than other AllStar versions.

There are a great many users continuing to have registration and stats system issues. I’m sure this will ultimately get resolved.

73, David KB4FXC


I never knew that and that may be some of the reason we have issues with the stats server.

Is HamVoIP reporting to the same stats server or do you have your own?

shall I change it back to NONE now?

73 Rob

Actually @G4UJS, if you are running HamVoIP, I’m not really sure.

What do yo think @David_McGough? Can HamVoIP report to if they choose to?

My understanding is that Hamvoip reports to AllStarLink but the URL is imbedded in the



In that case, follow David’s instructions.

OK I’ve changed it back to NONE… but it still don’t work for me LOL


The HamVoIP script normally sends stats data to the ASL system by default. It will also send stats data to HamVoIP servers if authentication keys are present.

Note that this script also filters out all 1* node numbers and DOES NOT allow them to send data to ASL, since that data is just useless noise.

73, David KB4FXC

Yeah, we have a complete rewrite of the stats server in progress to fix theses problems. In the meantime, I’ve asked the guys to look at it and get you working.

Thanks both… 73 de Rob G4UJS

Didn’t know that there was another stats system. Is it publicly viewable?

The HamVoIP stats system doesn’t currently display data for general/public use. It allows data to be grouped and was primarily intended for specific private network users. However, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work for general-purpose use.

73, David KB4FXC

What happens when HamVoIP users set statpost_url = Does it cause a problem or support issue we should be aware of?

You had a typo. If non HamVoIP it should be statpost_url =

No, setting “statpost_url=” doesn’t break anything with the script. The statpost_url info specified is effectively ignored.

This basic script (there are some other variations) is currently being used by 3800+ HamVoIP nodes.

73, David KB4FXC