Can't create server

I am unable to create a new server at I go through the steps, both typing in the lat/lon and using map, but it clears all info following “submit" and does not create the server.

While I have no direct answer but to say be sure you are not blocking any scripts on page with bowser script blockers and to create the node first without all the essential data until creation, then go back and try to enter location and non-important info.
Sorry, not a lot of help from me.

I turned of all blocking and security I could in Firefox, no joy. I tried Chromium, no joy. I tried using stock Firefox in Raspbian Buster (I have been using Opensuse 15.3), no joy.

Edit: I found a video tutorial showing server and node setup. In it, he didn’t fill in the lat/lon, as I was following along, I didn’t either… and I now have a server and a node.
It seems the issue was selecting the lat/lon identification.