Can't connect to EchoLink via Win10 computer on same network but can using cellphone on same network

Just like the thread title says. This is kinda tricky

The Allstar/EchoLink node in question is running on one LAN I have at home (using 10.x.x.x subnet), which is VLAN’d to my other home LAN (using 192.x.x.x. subnet). Only the 192.x.x.x. subnet has Internet WAN access but I have ports 5198 and 5199 forwarded to the Allstar/EchoLink node. That all works as verified by a buddy of mine in Hawaii being able to connect to it. It is also further shown that works
because my cellphone (running the Android Echolink app) can also connect to the EL node.

Now here’s the strange part. - my cellphone is connected via my home wireless LAN - the very same LAN that my WIN10 computer is connected to but I keep getting a can’t connect message - “UN-AUTHORIZED” on my Win10 computer. Both my phone and computer use the exact same callsign.

So what’s the deal?

Maybe your mobile phone app is automagically using a proxy server, but you computer would need to be configured to do that.

You’re missing something, you also need port 5200 forwarded as well. Also, you cannot have two echolink connections on the same IP address, one of the connections will have to go through a proxy server. My advise is to port forward all echolink ports (5198, 5199, 5200) to your node and have your computer connect to echolink via a proxy server. As for your phone, the reason why your phone is able to connect is because it uses a proxy server by default.

That makes sense, thanks

You’re welcome. Glad I helped.