"Cannot find info for node 528860"

I have setup two Shari nodes for a friend. The first reports without issue to the status database at allstarlink.org including details and bubble chart.

The second node, number 528860, shows up in the nodes listing but when I click on it for details I get:

“Can not find info for node 528860, invalid node number or a temporary communications error, please try again later.”

It has been this way since I set it up on Friday. The node otherwise works fine.

I copied the config files from the first node so really at a loss as to what is different. Yes, node 2 has a different iax port.

Both nodes are “outbound only” because they are behind a router for which the owner has no ability to setup port forwarding.

Thx. Adrian.

I think I saw you open a trouble ticket for this. Did you get it fixed?

Hi Tim,
Thanks for checking. I don’t think I created a ticket per se, but I did post the question to the community. No replies yet.

Here’s everything I know:

  1. Two Shari nodes, each on a Pi 3.
  2. They are behind a double-NAT with no option for port forwarding to allow inbound calls.
  3. The first one, node 52655 works fine and reports fine and you can get the bubble chart.
  4. The second one, more recently setup, node 528860 works fine, reports “green” etc on the main status listing, but gives an error when looking for the bubble chart.
  5. Both are setup as static IPs on the Pis and grab an always available and .178 respectively.
  6. Each has a dedicated server in the portal.
  7. Not sure if it matters w/o inbound calls, but 52655 is on iax port 4574 and 528660 is on 4575.
  8. If we power down 52655 and reboot 528860 it doesn’t fix the issue.


If #7 matters, I may have just found something in the portal setup that had the wrong iax port. I will confirm shortly.

OK, I have confirmed iax ports are matched between the nodes and the servers in the portal, but the problem persists with the second node.

I have reviewed the rpt files for the two nodes and the only difference (which may be the answer) is that the working node says under [nodes] 52655=radio@,NONE and the problem one says 528860=radio@

Both say:

Yes, you do need the ,NONE. But I’m not sure if it will impact stats. Try it and let us know.

I found this rpt.conf document from K5TRA.

Here’s the revenant bit…

PS. While the K5TRA document says to use the [nodes] stanza for nodes “…not registered with allstar link”, it should also be used for public nodes on the same network to prevent problems with hairpin NAT on some routers. The thing to understand about the [nodes] stanza is that it works like the host file on a PC. That is, node number resolution first looks for the node number in the [nodes] stanza. If not found the ext_rptnodes file (or DNS if you node supports it) is searched.