Cannot connect to other Allstar nodes

Name is Scott/K6SDN. Node 57192. RPi 3B with Masters Comm RA-40 with din 6 adapter. Kenwood TM-V7a radio. ISP provider: Cox Cable San Diego CA. Hamvoip firmware version RPi2-3-4. ASL version: Asterisk 1.4.23-pre.hamvoip-V1.7.1-04. Using Linux Mint on PC (Belina Etcher) to flash SD card.

Currently I show connected (registered/green) with ASL but cannot connect to another node. I get time and ID for my node using DTMF commands. Port used is 4569. CLI shows connected, no errors. Time is correct as is password. Rpt-extnodes file is listed. I just logged on and hit *70. At the end of the ID it says “repeater only”. I would think it would say transceiver?

Just to confirm what you stated as I see that you are right, you are indeed registered at ASL,
But your node registration is not in the ‘node list’ for a registered node.

That is why you can not connect to anyone nor they to you.

However, since you are using hamvoip, I can’t offer/answer anything past that for a solution.
A bit puzzling anyway but I do seem to remember this coming up before so you might search the board for it. But likely it was not titled correctly to find it with ease.

I’m curious what you have in rpt.conf for “node_lookup_method” With hamvoip, the rpt_extnodes file method was depricated in 1.5 and the preferred method is DNS. If it is set to DNS, then you need to make sure your node can perform DNS lookups by node number.