Can anyone help test PR #34 (add voxhangtime cfg to usbradio.conf)?

On github I opened Issue #33 on 11/6 and submitted pull request #34 on 11/24. Tim WD6AWP mentioned (in an app_rpt-users post) that “It would be great if couple of folks could clone the develop branch, merge your PR locally and test as we have very limited ability to test this ourselves. With a couple of github comments from folks that actually test we could merge your PR.”

As mentioned in the PR notes I have tested the case of using usbradio in carrierfrom=vox mode and believe the new cfg parm should be highly unlikely to affect anything else (ie. simpleusb or other usbradio carrierfrom settings) but it would be great if anyone could merge this PR into any nodes you’re doing any testing on and confirm you don’t get any compiler warnings or any other issues.

The change replaces a #define with a cfg parameter with the same default value as before thus should have no effect on anything unless you are using usbradio in carrierfrom=vox mode and set voxhangtime to a non-default value (eg. 500mS seems to be a more optimal value than the default of 2000mS). Thanks & 73, David

This has been merged. I believe all non-conflicting PR’s have been merged.