Can allmon be made to indicate keyed status when keyed from "itself"?

Don’t know how to phrase that sensibly- but allmon does not show dark green keyed when I key up, only when outside nodes key up. Can this be modified?

I believe I understand.
You are talking about being keyed (tx) by phone/sip connection OR iaxrpt ?

While Tim could better answer this, I think the indicator works from a call to ‘stats’ from command line.

I don’t think the cos from phone/iaxrpt toggles in those stats. Just linked, regerstered nodes.
(phone and iaxrpt are not nodes) They are outside of the que.

Correct me if I’m outside of your issue.

Probably, where would such an indication be shown? Would a hub node node need such an indication?

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I have this same question. Supermon has an extra line showing if COS is detected and other node states. See attached screenshots showing Supermon one on of my nodes and Allmon on another. Supermon also has some other useful functions… it shows the CPU temperature, and has a favorites menu. Is there a way to add the above functions to Allmon?

When I key from a handheld there are times I’d like to see it keyed in allmon.
NR9V - I think there is a way to run supermon on non hamvoip installs though I have not tried it myself.

yes I just installed Supermon 7.1 a couple days ago. Only took about 10 mins to do once I found the instructions on their site | Home. Their site is not well organized and you have to join before you can even look at messages. ASL already came with supermon 6 so I just overwrote that dir. The 7.1 seems to do a couple things 6 did not, editing all the cfg & ini files works right from the browser, and the GUI seems to be a little easier to customize. The truth is though, both supermon and allmon are pretty out-of-date with modern web GUI standards and could use some cleanups and new features for example easier adding/editing/switching/scanning of favorites. I might add those features myself at some point if no one else gets around to it first.

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I doubt anyone imagined it being all things to all people.

They are an open-source building block.

But it sure would be nice if anyone published their useful additions for others to benefit.
Don’t forget the documentation.

So ‘what is the RXr’ in your server when you tx from your handheld ?

A 70cm Motorola 1225 system with a RPi connected.

So are you saying Supermon 7.1 does show activity when keying into the node over rf locally? Thx.

So, you are using a uri for cos ? or vox ?

I can’t speak for supermon, but there is no reason for it to not show active when locally activated.

I suggest getting on the user group at / supermon for true support.

Giving this some additional thought on ‘what you meant’ by ‘keying itself’…

if that was that you where keying the local radio at the radio, no, it’s not going to do that, if that is what you meant.
It would show if the COS line was active which means the squelch was open. Not when the tx is active.
No sensor line for that. Connected to the node per direction, it is meant for the computer to key/tx the radio.

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