Call for Volunteers

Bryan Fields, W9CR has resigned from AllStarLink. In Byran’s absence we are actively looking for volunteers who love AllStar and have skillsets including programming in C, SQL, and Web design. We have lots of other ways folks can help out. Please reply to this list or contact kuggie at kuggie dot com to let us know if you’d like to help out in some way.

Thank you,

AllStarLink Board,
Pete Elke WI6H
Kevin Custer W3KKC
Todd Lesser KM6RPT
Tim Sawyer WD6AWP
Dave Shaw WB6WTM

I personally as a member of the administration and server team want to thank Brian for his involvement and efforts around preserving the legacy of Allstar as he believed Jim envisioned it. Brian was one of the most passionate people around Allstar I have ever met. It will take a lot of work to continue with similar passion.

Brian’s ideas, work on many designs, ultimately helping secure Jim’s legacy was truly needed.

I want to wish Brian the best on all he is doing, I know he is enjoying his time playing with all those Quantars now, I have seen his passion there as well.

Brian, from me to you, thank-you for all you have done for Allstar.

Mike Wolthuis
Server administrator, admin team member

Bryan was indeed passionate in his support of AllStar. He was particularly vocal on the open-source issue. While some may not miss the “passion”, I know his efforts have helped AllStar flourish.

Thank you Bryan for all that you have done for AllStar.

Sad to see Bryan leave the Allstarlink admins.

Thanks for all the work done. We maybe dont agree on every thing but we agree on much more then what divide us… I hope he will still be around.


You need some web design help? That is within my skillset.

Hi Jim and welcome to the AllStar Community site :tada::partying_face:

We could use some help in that area. What web development tools and technologies do you use?

I would be happy to discuss details but not on a discussion board. Do you have my contact info?

I have some limited experience with C (but wanting to learn more), a fair amount of SQL (MySQL, PostGRES, SQLite), and some basic web design. I’ll be happy to volunteer my time where I’m needed.

You may want to take a look at Bryan’s YouTube video.

He is definitely bitter but for all the wrong reasons.