Building 2.0 from source

Hi All, I have a R PI 3 with an RA-40 USB card. I downloaded an image of raspbian buster from the raspberry pi site, added the prerequisites as per the README on Github, added the source and was able to build and install asterisk, and configure my node. However, I cannot get it to run properly. I get an error that it is ‘unable to open DSP device 1 - no such file or directory’. In reading through the source code, it is trying to open /dev/dsp1, which does not exist. I have scoured the web for a solution, but it appears that this was deprecated some time ago. I am also told that I can install alsa-oss and it will restore the devices, I have done that and so far no luck. Any ideas out there?

if you look at used system usb devices…
does the RA40 config in usbradiotune match the correct port/device you see ?

Your kernel may not be compiled with OSS. You can try:
modprobe snd_pcm_oss
See if /dev/dsp is there? If so, add snd_pcm_oss to /etc/modules