Broadcastify set help for Rpi 4, using Beta 2.0.0

Good day all de KD4UFD

I have the Beta up on the R-Pi 4 and it is running well.
I have started the Broadcastify setup. All is good down the the Ezstream Password section in /etc …
is this a new file or do I need to create a new file w/ Nano with the text from the Wiki page?

Still learning the the Linux side of the house and how it all flows.
I know just enough to be dagerous !!!
any examples or Screen shots would be helpful here.

That should get you running.

I have been using this page
I need additional guidance
Am I making a new file called “password” under the /etc
or am I editing the passwd or passwd- in the /etc dir.

It’s referring to the Broadcastify URL and password you’re given when you sign up for Broadcastify.

Sign up there first and you’ll get it :slight_smile:


A few days ago I tried to install Broadcastify per the Wiki on Beta 2 v 6 and it could not find the required program in the repository supplied with Beta. Can you check?