Bit of help with a project

I had seen this radio before and wanted to experiment a bit with it. I wanted to replace the baofeng 888 that is used in the Brian construction because I’m getting tired of replacing them every 6 months to a year. I know this radio is not much better but I like the size and I could make a smaller package or even a smaller node using it.
Can anyone tell me what the connectors in the circle will be? I found a video that tells me where to get the COS from but it was an older version of this same radio and does not have these connectors.
I have also looked for schematics for this radio with no luck. Emailed Leixen directly to see if they sent me a copy of the schematics but still waiting.

Any help will be appreciated.

first what radio is it and 2nd did you go to the manufacturer for the docs on it?

LEIXEN VV-108 Updated
Already looked at their website but not much information there. Emailed them but haven’t received an answer yet.

Without studying this myself, here is the service doc.

But I might guess that it is how they program/test the device in production.

You can likely use a VOM and look for power and ground, but I suspect several are data in/out.
Careful with data lines as they may not be buffered much if at all… May lead right to the CPU.

Thank you sir but that is for a completely different model, This is a VV-108 UPDATED
I have found the user manual that is completely useless but the service manual I have not been lucky to find.

And you are correct. Not sure how that slipped into my search.

Think I would still use a VOM and trace the pins a bit. May not help as much.

I have quite a few projects sitting for many years with the same issue of no diagrams.

As of lately, I think the Chinese have an issue of copy cats within there own groups.
And that is why they often do not want some of this stuff out there.
But that is a guess in this instance.
Good luck.