Beta 6 Echolink Issue

When I attempt to connect to some Echolink nodes or conference servers, they show up on the Supermon connected stations list with a red background and yellow text as it tries to connect. After 3-5 seconds it disappears from the list (does not connect).

On the old ASL node where my -L Echolink node was configured, there were no connection issues.

What should I check to see if this is a bug or some other type of issue? Thanks!

I doubt this is a beta issue but could be…

I think this is standard config and conectivity at play.
Are you using the same config file as the older… user/pass set-up correct.

Do you have more than one echolink server logged-in from the same NAT/IP and would include your phone app on wifi ?

What happens if you go to the asterisk CLI and type echolink dbdump? Do you get a list of stations?

Did you forward all echolink ports to the node? Be sure ports 5198, 5199, and 5200 are forwarded. Also, be sure there is no multiple echolink connections on the same network, only one at a time can go through, unless you make the other connections go through proxy servers.

upgrade to Supermon2 v1.02 and higher. solves a lot of problems

Yes Tim, I do get a list of stations.

KJ7OMO - Yes, the firewall is open for those ports.

Brad - N8PC - I do not believe that Supermon2 is available for x86 systems yet. I think it is still Ras Pi only.

How about the stations you can’t connect to, are they in they in the list, Try this; replace ECHOTEST with the station you can’t connect

asterisk -rx "echolink dbdump" | grep ECHOTEST