Backup Server Service Unavailable

Is the backup server at not working? I have saved configurations in the past and now get a service unavailable. It did ask me for the node id and password.

save-node is getting a 401 unauthorized.


I’ll look into it. Not sure about the status of this service.


Hey guys,

Ditto. Recently, my attic HD crashed when an unforseen “rodent event” occurred with the SATA wire. It was pretty blue, so maybe it looked like food. Now, I am wondering what SATA wires taste like.

Anyway, I got the same problem when trying to recover my files for a reinstall. I also had no local backup. (…who does? …even though it clearly says NOT to rely on the server…) The current configuration files I am uising now were from 60 year old greyware storage, and are incomplete.

As in final judgement, I have a bad feeling I will be rediscovering all of my previous sinful ways.

God Bless,


It appears to still be down. I tried it again this morning.