Autosky not updating

trying to use autosky. it is not updating the weather display.
I get this when manually updating

[root@n3idspi3 SkywarnPlus]# sudo /usr/local/sbin/supermon/
No faeroot - not checking updates?
Updated Variables Node 592991
[root@n3idspi3 SkywarnPlus]#

any ideas?

I like SkywarnPlus myself. There a link to the code in this post…

I agree with @wd6awp , I have used Autoski for a while and I don’t remember what version autosky got broken and pretty much was useless. I was reading somewhere else that there was a problem with some path being changed somewhere that did not match. Dont know how true that was but after testing SkywarnPlus I gave up on Autosky. I suggest you try that one instead.

Checkout the arm allstar list. Quiet a few comments on this issue. The orginal author said upgrade to new skywarn plus. NWS seams have changed stuff.