AutoSky for weather is running on the node but not keying the repeater

I installed AutoSky onto two nodes. One node is a radioless node and the other on a repeater at a mountain top. After the install I do not hear it announcing. Meaning it is not keying the repeater when the announcement starts. I can see when I go to the client that the script is playing but it is not keying the repeater. Did I miss a step somewhere? Here is the set up. Rasp pi at repeater site. Connected to a RC-210 controller and using the **RIM-RC210 interface. I know the script is running it just is not keying the repeater when it starts.

are you running hamvoip or ASL? we need more details. also if you need to get in touch with me about it and I’ll help you out.
My email is

What is the duplexmode?
Are you using linktolink=yes

I am using Hamvoip on all my nodes. This node is linked to a hub node at the QTH.

if you followed these instructions it will only key the repeater when there is announcement