Audio issues? pre-built Baofeng node

I received a pre-built node from W6BSD and have reached a snag on the set-up. Audio from the time announcements, and just a few minutes ago I heard VE2BV calling, but I 'm not being heard. The CTCSS tone I believe it set correctly as the green squelch light comes up on the Baofeng node radio and I receive a courtesy tone back when I key up. Any idea why audio out is not working?

First thought is that duplex= should be 0 or 1

Call me on 2530 if you want to test.

I dismantled my node, its still somewhat dismantled, went over the connections, COS, audio levels. Nothing stood out as being suspect. Still on the bench with the modules connected and I’m getting into the UK test reflector. My audio though, maybe I have the transceiver and the node too close, seems choppy. I’ll be away from it for the next couple of hours. Thanks for the help.