Audio echo-reverb

I am setting a new repeater using a RPi4 running HamVOIP ALS connected to a Motorola SLR5000
The RIM is the RIM-lite

THe repeater is working fine with the exception of an echo/reverb effect only for user connected via RF
no issue to Echolink users

I am quite new of Allstarlink and this is my first full-duplex node

With the premises that we didnt analyse the audio yet

those are my initial observations

  • i have tried to set RX audio level all the way donw from 80 to 20 without big effect to the repeater audio out and/or the echo/reverb effect
  • i have rxboost and de/pre emphasis all OFF

Any help to investigate the issue , somewhere I read that having low level of RX setting can mean we are overdriving the RPi … can this cause the echo/reverb distorsion ??

Happy to produce more config files if needeed


While it connects through Allstarlink network, hamvoip is a different animal, try this discussion page.

You would be more likely to get a knowledgeable reply.

You are probably feeding audio through the repeaterwith 2 different sources (one the normal repeater audio, the other the audio from the allstar feed ) which is slightly delayed causing an echo effect. You may want to disable the repeater audio feed from rec. to trans. and just use the hamvoip for your full time controller.