AT&T Fiber use and port manipulation

Happy New year! As a greeting Spectrum (Charter Comm) has informed me that my bill will go to $290/month for what I paid $143/month four years ago. I can drop TV service and go streaming. But they now want $99.99/month for internet. My other option is to go with AT&T fiber which is pretty much the same data rate but a bunch less per month. So here’s the question for Allstar users…anybody using AT&T fiber? Able to open ports, etc? Before I jump I need to be certain I’m not causing a headache.
73 all-
GeorgeC W2DB

The 1st question I have, do they provide an IP4v public IP address?


That’s the kind of stuff I’m seeking info on. I hesitate to order it and their website has absolutely zero technical info

Reformed AT&T employee here… Unless something has changed in the last couple of years, you can pay extra for static IPs, but only in a /29 (5 useables). You can also use something like dynamic DNS for free.

I personally hate the way AT&T requires you to have their gateway/modem and pay an additional monthly fee for it. I ran several AllStar nodes for years this way, but would have preferred using my own firewall/router.