Asterisk Git d11020b on Debian 10 64bit segfault in

We have been running Asterisk now for several years on a cloud server. We moved to another server and compiled Git d11020b and have been having issues with seg faults in at random. At times we will have around 30 nodes connected for sometimes days without an issue.

Apr 26 09:02:24 Server kernel: [6437838.563015] traps: asterisk[11903] general protection ip:7fa5d760e666 sp:7fa577536cf0 error:0 in[7fa5d75ac000+147000]

Didn’t see any errors when compiling this load. I am using the SIP channel driver on this box, we have several SIP phones to access repeaters.
Below is a list of current modules loaded

Module Description Use Count ADSI Resource 0 Cryptographic Digital Signatures 0 Call Features Resource 0 Indications Resource 0 Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI) 0 Authentication Application 0 Database Access Functions 0 Dialing Application 0 Executes dialplan applications 0 Indicator for whether a voice mailbox ha 0 Look up Caller*ID name/number from black 0 Look up CallerID Name from local databas 0 Extension Macros 0 MeetMe conference bridge 0 Digital Milliwatt (mu-law) Test Applicat 0 Sound File Playback Application 0 Trivial Record Application 0 Radio Repeater/Remote Base Application 0 Send Text Applications 0 Set CallerID Application 0 Generic System() application 0 Transfer 0 Comedian Mail (Voicemail System) 0 DAHDI Telephony 92 echolink channel driver 0 Inter Asterisk eXchange (Ver 2) 28 Local Proxy Channel (Note: used internal 0 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 0 USRP Channel Module 2 A-law and Mulaw direct Coder/Decoder 0 ITU G.726-32kbps G726 Transcoder 8 GSM Coder/Decoder 0 mu-Law Coder/Decoder 48 G.723.1 Simple Timestamp File Format 0 Raw G.726 (16/24/32/40kbps) data 0 Raw G729 data 0 Raw GSM data 0 Raw H.263 data 0 Raw H.264 data 0 Raw iLBC data 0 Raw/Sun uLaw/ALaw 8KHz (PCM,PCMA,AU), G. 0 Raw Signed Linear Audio support (SLN) 0 Dialogic VOX (ADPCM) File Format 0 Microsoft WAV format (Proprietary GSM) 0 Microsoft WAV format (8000Hz Signed Line 0 base64 encode/decode dialplan functions 0 Caller ID related dialplan function 0 CDR dialplan function 0 Channel information dialplan function 0 Load external URL 0 Cut out information from a string 0 Database (astdb) related dialplan functi 0 ENUM related dialplan functions 0 Environment/filesystem dialplan function 0 Global variable dialplan functions 0 Channel group dialplan functions 0 Channel language dialplan function 0 Logical dialplan functions 0 Mathematical dialplan function 0 MD5 digest dialplan functions 0 Music-on-hold dialplan function 0 Random number dialplan function 0 Read/Write values from a RealTime reposi 0 Text Extension Configuration 0
64 modules loaded


I am curious if you moved within the same cloud host or to a different host all together.

How was the moved preformed? ie image on host or just copied conf files to a new install.