Asterisk Commands from CLI

Is there a function in Asterisk that will allow you to input COP commands from an SSH connection?

Most certainly! Most folks use putty to ssh into their nodes.

What I want to know is this. Is there a function that would allow me to send a *902 command to the Pi over a Putty connection?

When logged in and at the Asterisk CLI the command is rpt fun <your node#> *902.

Ok, thank you! I just tried this and got it to work!
I had an issue the other night with someone being abusive on my repeater and I had problems disabling the transmitter due to my being too far away. I had to travel to higher ground and it still took me a few minutes to get the machine to accept my DTMF entries.
Now, I can log in with Putty and shut it down.
Thank you again!
de N0ATC

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