Astdb.txt will not update

Hello all

I get the following error when I run repeater@Pi-ASL:/var/www/html/allmon2$sudo ./astdb.php.

repeater@Pi-ASL:/var/www/html/allmon2$ sudo ./astdb.php
Retry 1 of 5. Will retry
Retry 2 of 5. Will retry
Retry 3 of 5. Will retry
Retry 4 of 5. Will retry
Retry 5 of 5. Will retry
astdb.txt: Retries exceeded!! 0 bytes - Invalid: file too small, bailing out.


Does this server have internet connect active?
Can you ping something outside your NAT?

Hello Mike

Yes, I can run the asl diagnostic menu. It pings the google DNS and the pings the

Perhaps check permissions.
I think if you are running this ( ./astdb.php ) from the command line, perhaps sudo ./astdb.php

I set file to rwx rx r - 754 octal

Lets us know your progress.

What results when the file is opened in a browser?