ASL2 Beta6 audio

First, this is NOT a complaint, but rather a detailed progress report. I installed ASL2 Bets6, running Debian10, on a Pi2B. The Pi runs both a 2M and 220 repeater on K2ETS in Watchung NJ ( nodes 27273 and 27274 ) at a remote site. I had tested the software on my own local repeater for 2 months, and had no problems. This was also a Pi2B running 2 nodes. The K2ETS system was perfect for about 2 weeks, then I began to notice some audio noise on the squelch tail. This progressivly got worse as days went by, and eventually became short audio dropouts during repeater use. I SSH’d into the system, cleaned the log files, and re-started asterisk. The audio was clean again. Seems like I have to do this once a week. On my local system, I have not had to do this. K2ETS does get a lot more traffic. I had hoped the new ASL2 would solve this. I’ve been building repeaters for 40 years now, and an a bit of an audio purist. I’m used to a quiet squelch tail, and very clean audio ( can’t stand the new digital modes! ). I guessing due to the nature of digital audio, and a computer running the system, these audio abberations are to be expected.

Just to clarify, you’re using it as a repeater controller?

Yes. One Pi with 2 URI’s running 2 repeaters.

We’ve identified the bug and will release a patch shortly – thanks for the input.

Sincere Thanks for all you do!