ASL timing and audio settings understanding


I’m in the Allstarlink learning phase and I would be gratefull if someone can confirm/explain the following things.

I’ve drawn the following time chart for the different timings. Can someone confirm if this is right ?
If yes, my drawing can be helpfull to others

I’m also trying to understand the action of the different audio level settings.

This is what I understood from the CM119 chip block diagram and the settings in usbradio.conf and stored in usbradio_tune.conf.

Can someone confirm and complete this ?
Where do the rxmixerset and other settings act ?

(as a new user, I can’t send ore than one media, I will send it in a reply to my post)

73, Patrick

Here the audio block diagram.

Interesting idea of the graph.
Would make it easier for all. And would make a good inclusion to the wiki if you are willing.

There is a setting that affects the COR line that should be marked I guess.
rxondelay=x each number is 20ms
It is the time delay that a valid COR happens before it is registered in the software as a valid cor.
Being as such, would automatically delay the ptt as well for it looks at valid cor past the rxondelay.
(commonly used to eliminate interference like kerchunking/pops)

I’ll have to take a deeper look when I have time as I’m sure there are some more things that could be added to that graph.
Sorry, I’m not good with data on sound fobs. Someone will chime in.

Hi Jim,

Good guess !
I’ve added this setting as below.
I hope this helps ?

It would be something more like this…

You’re right. I intentionaly did set the rxondelay to a high value and did monitor the timings.

Here, the (what I think is the correct) final drawing.
Feel free to use it wherever you need.

73, Patrick.

And the CM1xx audio settings