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I Guess I ought to ask, Can you start a new subject post from the mailing list? If I am forced to jump through the hoops and log into this group in order to post I saw no place telling me that. On to the original post below.


I did a new Debian ASL install on a PC using the link below

With my URIx Sound device plugged in. Booted the PC and logged in as
user repeater
Set driver to load in the modules.conf
Made sure the rxchannel = SimpleUSB/usb_(node-number) was set correctly
in rpt.conf.
Saved the changes and restarted the PC.

As user repeater entered sudo asl-menu
The asl-menu started.

Selected item #4 ===> Run simpleusb-tune-menu for SimpleUSB configuration.

Does nothing other than to keep telling you…
“SimpleUSB must be enabled in modules.conf and selected in rpt.conf”

Since this was already done. It appears there is something wrong with
the asl-menu item 4.

Returning to the command line and entering — sudo simpleusb-tune-menu
The “simpleusb-tune-menu” runs without issue.

Someone want to take a look at this. I’m sure it would save some new
user a lot of frustration if they try using it while they attempt to get
their new ASL server up and running.

Larry - N7FM

Yes Larry, posts can be started without logging onto the website. Just email to

Thank you Tim,

Somehow I missed that when I enabled the Mail List Mode.

Was using the reply address by mistake. My Bad!

Larry - N7FM


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Yes Larry, posts can be started without logging onto the website. Just
email to

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