ASL 2.0 with Proxmox issues?

I’ve started ASL 2 on my proxmox server. It starts up just fine, but I am unable to make connections on to other allstar nodes. Anyone try this before, issue or not?

I doubt your host system has much to do with your issue, but it could be.

A couple of quick checks might be to see if your system is registered,
Look-up your own node here

And then the required firewall port are open. Mainly the IAX udp port (4569 default)

If you have additional, let us know what the node number is.

Thanks. My Node does not have a green background like the others. maybe I have the password wrong?

I didn’t think it was the host either, but gotta hit all the bases.

What is your node number in question ?

I copied the password from the website and restarted asterisk. still nothing.

That does not look like a valid node number…

Try again

I think it cut off the 5

I am not showing the node as registered, and you will not connect to anything that way…LOL

So, in your iax.conf, there is a registrar line like this

Please double check this password with what is listed in the self service portal

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Thank you, I found that line and the password was missing one character. :man_facepalming:

Like the node number… LOL I have the same tendency !

Glad you got it !

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Two issues I had with Proxmox but maybe fixed now because its been about 6 years since I have used this method… First issue I had with proxmox under heavy loads We would start to notice audio skips in the repeater traffic coming from the datacenter hub that was running Proxmox with qume virtualization. We found that allstarlink/asterisk likes to really have real time processing with the cpu not virtualized when under heavy loads… Meaning hours and hours of conversations with hundreds of systems connected. The second issue I ran into was I had to rebuild some thing in allstar with kernel updates can’t remember all that exactly… I really should get back into allstar now that I am out of the nursing home again.

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