ASL-2.0.0-beta.5 Ready for Download

Download ASL 2.0.0-beta.5 here
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  • Change default hangtimes to favor simplex nodes in rpt.conf
  • Add bashrc alias for first-time script to work without sudo
  • Fix Register string behavior weirdness in asl-menu
  • Add tomorse script to convert text to morse code wav files. Morse code generation in ASL isn’t always consistent, so allowing static generation fixes this. use tomorse -h for help.
  • Don’t bother with root password in first-time - just set repeater's password.
  • Bring over sounds dir from ASL 1.01 Fix #10
  • Tweak menus and add /etc/motd
  • Add credits for contributors
  • Fix paths in asl-menu and first-time. Fix #12 and #13
  • Cleanup. Fix paths. Add CPANM and locate. Fix paths for astdb.txt.
  • Remove asl images on make clean
  • Fix greps for asterisk ports, ssh, and mylanip for supermon
  • Reformat code for supermon. Fix several paths to work on Debian 10. Add www user to sudo. Add extra supermon scripts. Add config file for apache2 cgi-bin. Fix #9.

Download ASL 2.0.0-beta.5 here