ASL 2.0.0-beta.4 Ready for Download +Node Updater Script

Download ASL 2.0.0-beta.4 here
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Beta.4 brings many core additions to the ASL distribution. The biggest addition is the Differential Node Updater. The current ASL distribution includes a script, rc.updatenodeslist, that grabs the registered node list periodically. If it’s operating normally, newly registered nodes can take up to 20 minutes to be allowed to connect to another ASL node. Additionally, mobile or nodes that frequently change their IP, may never be able to reliably connect.

We’re working on a long term solution in the client itself so that node lookups are instantaneous, but until that feature is integrated, the Differential Node Updater will help solve this issue.

The Nodes List Diff Updater is a new way to distribute the directory of ASL registered nodes. It enables nodes coming on line to connect within a minute rather than waiting up to 20 minutes.

Not only is the Diff Updater faster but it also sends less data. Currently the nodes list file is about 256KB. The diff updater sends about 1KB per minute or about 15KB every 15 minutes - a 30% reduction in bandwidth.

The node updater script can be installed on existing ASL 1.X distributions and on the new beta distribution. You may download a .deb package here:

To install on Debian:
sudo dpkg -i asl-update-node-list_2.0.0-beta.4_all.deb

Changelog for beta.4

  • Use log2ram, tmpfs (memory) for /var/log to relieve SD card stress on Pi
  • Use tmpfs (memory) for /tmp on Pi
  • Use differential node updater (asl-nodes-diff) to improve registration
  • Add Broadcastify streaming support for Raspberry Pi
  • Make version bumps easier
  • Fix kernel headers issue with Pi

Download ASL 2.0.0-beta.4 here


Is it me or the new admin team is rolling new stuff like if their life depends on it?

Never seen so much new development rolling in a long time…

Good job! The switch from the old to the new admin was a great move…

And some were saying that the board of director had AGAIN broken some stuff in december :wink:


Lol. Thank you. I’ve had a lot free time lately to devote so it’s been my pleasure.


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