ASL 1.01 Raspien / Raspberyy Pi B+

No matter what I do, the new ASL will only run for 24 hours before audio becomes distorted and the URI begins a weird double flash. Power is 5.3 volts, I’ve tried MANY USB cables, both types of URI, and different high speed SD cards. I’ve spent days on this, nothing works. Anyone else have success? Not sure how to proceed.

The LED flashing means you have a low current and/or voltage power problem. I’ve heard 5.3 volts is a bit low.

Here’s some things to try

  • Try another power supply with higher current.
  • Folks have reported good results using a 12 to 5 volt converter.
  • I heard some have put the URI on a powered hub to remove the current load from the Pi.

The voltage at the USB connector is 5.3v, more than needed. The system has been running for years using the ’ Rat_Rc1 Debian image from 2017. This only happens when I try the new ASL.