AR Newsline and ARRL news on ALLSTAR?

Has any one any info or instructions on how to play newsline or the ARRL news. This use to work great on my IRLP node I had. There is some info on the Hamvoip site but haven’t had success in creating the files needed. Any help would be appreciated…

Dan Sellmeyer

There are a few :slight_smile: posts right here on this forum about Newsline. Use the magnify glass and you get a result that looks like this:

Pretty cool, eh?

Thanks for the reply. I seem to finally have it working. I am wondering if anyone has been able to customize the drop out timer when its plays. Right now as it play there are 20 sec pauses between its trasmissions.


I didn’t like that either. I wrote my own script with no dropouts and turned off the timeout timer for newsline. But I lost the script, or I’d have already supplied it to you. Time to write you own script now that you have a better understanding…

Thanks I appreciate that. If I only knew anything about it or how to I shure would. I have never wrote any scripts. I work at the mercy of everyone elses work. Mabe someday I will know where to begin writing this stuff you guys all talk about. It really does look interesting to do though…

Thanks 73’s