Anyone have experience with the hs-100b usb to audio chip?

Hello all,
I have a usb headphone set (mpow pa071b) that uses the hs-100b chip.
works great for a radioless node audio.
what I need to know is where or if an output for cos is.
I have a data sheet but alot of pins are NC.
no gpio pins are listed
Mike N3IDS

The code of asl/app_rpt is hardwired for cm108
Mainly being the hardware address lines that are hijacked.
Pot luck if you can get anything else to work.
Not that many have not tried, but if you succeed, post it for others.
The issue comes up many times a year for more than a decade.
There ‘may be’ alternate inputs coming in future versions.

MPOW used many different chips in the same model headset over time.