Annual donation

I have always supported Allstarlink. I have no issue with doing that. But this Donorbox automatic hit I find insulting. I will donate my usual amount each year. Don’t make it this automatic thing. Plus there is no way to change it. Donorbox sends me to paypal, which sends me to Allstarlink to change it but there is no way to do so!
GeorgeC W2DB

George, how did you recieve the request for donations ?

I’m not familiar with donorbox etc and never get such a donation request, with exception as a message on this board once a year.

Just trying to verify it is a legit request. I am not aware and perhaps I’m just stupid or lucky ?

It was an email from donorbox. The way it is worded is offensive. I will continue to donate and now if you use the donate link on allstar it shows you how much to donate per node you have. Just don’t like this method. Like every year Kevin sends a not on repeater-builder and I’m one of the first to jump in. But this method somebody at allstar link chose just offends me.


@George_Csahanin Don’t know that we do anything like that. There is the possibility of setting up a recurring donation. But that would have been something you enabled. So I don’t know where the nag message is comming from.

Could you send a screenshot with the headers, either here or a DM, please?

This is being handled elsewhere. Closing this topic.