Announcing the AllStar Community Online Forum


The AllStarLink team is announcing our new community online forum. The site URL is It is up and ready for use. Our new community is easy to use, yet it has many features. It takes a while to discover all of them. Just a few are listed here to get you started.

You should login with the email address you use on the app_rpt-users list. If you want to use another email address that’s fine of course, but your old posts from app_rpt-users won’t be attributed to you. No login is required to browse or search the site.

The app_rpt-users archives going back to 2005 have been imported. You can easily search for old posts right within the community. In fact, as you compose a new post, community will automatically search for and show you like posts. That might show you an old post from years ago that may help answer your question even before you post. is both an email list and a modern secure community style bulletin board. You may use it by email only, just on the web site or some combination of both.

You may choose from a myriad of notifications options including no email or all the way up to receiving every post or a digest. You may unsubscribe from any topic (thread) and still remain on the list. If there is a discussion you don’t care about you can easily ignore the entire topic. The default notifications work great so run with those until you become more familiar with the system.

Posts are organized in chronological order from the oldest to the newest. It remembers what you read and will drop you into a topic where you left off. There is a trust system to increase your privileges and present awards as you use the community.

We would like community to become the place to discuss all things AllStar related. But no one is forced to move and the app_rpt-users email list will continue into the foreseeable future. We will occasionally import new posts from there so you’ll be able to track any remaining activity.

Click the hamburger menu (3 bars on upper right) to read the FAQ and to see other options and settings. Click the avatar to see your profile, bookmarks and private messages.

So dig in, start learning and have fun. Be sure to pass along any thoughts, questions or suggestions.

73 from the AllStarLink Team.