Allstarlink web transceiver

I am having a problem with the Allstarlink web transceiver.
In short, It has been working fine for me over the past seven years until recently when I updated the Java and now I receive an error message saying that windows is blocking a certificate.
I have tried going back to an earlier version of Java, a different browser, MMC console in Windows 10 without any success.
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.

It may be the server certificate (https)
Under win10, I am not sure how to guide you, but certainly there is a way to manually install a SSL
Or perhaps manually accept it.

A look in the firewall may also yield something as last resort.

Of course you know JAVA will be rejected normally. Update may have bumped the settings to ignore.

Sorry, that’s all I got for ideas.

edit… perhaps one more…
Memory not good on this but don’t you have to specify a website to allow/ignore for java?
That may need rechecked.

There used to be a setting for that in Windows. Don’t know if it’s still there. But review these old install instructions and see if that helps.