Allstarlink on SHARIPiV4

I own SHARI Pi V4 pixx

I have been experimenting with running allstarlink rather than hamvoip on the node. The node works perfectly using hamvoip.

I have installed asl 2.0 beta soon to be prod release and have dvswitch , supermon, dvswitch monitor, monitor, echolink,allstar,and dmr brandmeister all working fine . I do have one issue that I can not figure out how to solve. When I use any of my radios to connect to the adhari node running hamvoip, transmit and receive as well as access thru the internetbwork great. With allstarlink, everything works EXCEPT the radio receives fine from allstarlink, but transmit from the radio to shari node running asl does not work - it’s like shari hears nothing from the radio. If I monitor the transmission on another rafio, I can hear both tx and rx on the other radio. It’s like shari is deaf.

If I simply put the other micro ssd back in and boot shari with hamvoip, all works ok except of course dmr.

I am thinking that it may be something in simpleusb.conf but not sure.

Can you help ?

I would be happy to send logs conf files or even give you access to node

If I can get this working with allstarlink, it would be great product option to allow analog access to brandmeister, other dmr services like nxdn etc,as well as echoink and allstar. Great competition for clearnode at a much lower price with better and more features and functionality.

Thank you for your time.



This sounds like an excellent project.

Based on your description it is possible you may be having a problem with the COS signal from the radio being recognized, but this is just a guess.