Allstar using a kenwood th-d72

I might have interest in buying a th-d72 to use with allstar. I already own an ft-70 and a th-d74.
What hardware/software do i need to get a th-d72 to work with allstar? The location i want to use to operate at has a very slow wifi network So I plan to use a hotspot. Does anyone have a hotspot they can recommend for using in los angeles california?

That depends on where in LA. Scan over the Allstar list of nodes for either CA or Los Angeles. That should get you there pretty quickly. most nodes also list their geo coordinates, that could help locate them. There is also a web site with a map showing coordinates but not sure what geographic info that uses.

It shows two of mine very accurately (2360 and 28599). The other two nodes of mine are not deployed at this time so are not shown.

GeorgeC W2DB
Crowley, TX