Allstar to dmr bridge keys up rf node every 30 seconds

just got my dmr bridge from allstar 42282 to dmr 31655 working
however afterwards when i went to connect in my rf node 42668 I get a constant keyup every 30 seconds or so on the rf side (however long the intervals are)
there is no traffic on the dmr side when this happens
I have yet to disable the echolink to see if its coming from there
has anyone seen this or know a cure

This might be a good question for the folks over at DVSwitch. Have you tried there yet? However, we do see @N4IRS here from time to time.

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NO I thought that was what this forum was also

discovered it was the echolink node dead keying

seem if you run a bridge dont add echolink to it

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I did not mean to discourage you from asking questions here. I just thought you’d have better luck over there. Only trying to be helpful. Anyway, glad you found the problem and thanks for letting us know what it was.

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thanks for the help as always