Allstar node doesn't appear to work

My Allstar doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I can it identify on the hour, but can’t connect to other nodes. Not sure if it’s the shari pi or software related. Or even how to narrow it down.

Well, telling us what the node number is would be a good place to start,
so we can look to see if it registered, No reg no connect.

You might also verify you have network connectivity.
Can you ping an address outside your NAT/router

My node number is 60547.

It appears to be pinging.

At time of post, this node is not registered.

You should first verify in your iax.conf
1-that the registration line is not commented out
2- that the registration string for the node matches the password found in the ASL user portal for that node.and for any other fat finger errors.

All of this looks correct, the node also shows registered @ the allstar link website.?

It does now. Everything showing up.

I deleted the image and started from the beginning. It’s working!!!