Allstar Node and DVSwitch

Hello AllStar Community! Hope everyone is having a good start to the new year.

I have successfully installed my AllStar node on a Raspberry Pi and I am able to connect the DVSwitch app on my android to my node too. However, is there a way to change what node my node is connected to via the DVSwitch app? I guess I am a little confused on how to connect to different AllStar nodes without having to log in via the web interface of my AllStar node running on the Pi.

You certainly can use DVSwitch app for this.

After you click Connect and are on your node…

Dial *3 and the node number then tap send button to connect to another node…

Dial *1 and node number and Send to disconnect a node…etc.

You should hear voice confirmations back just like you were using Allmon/Supermon or same DTMF commands from your mobile/handheld.


There are some alternatives…

And yes DVS Mobile app for android works.
And you can setup a soft sip-phone and use that as well on PC, iPhone or Android…

You both rock! Thanks for the info!