Allstar link faq

I have been reading different articles and watching YouTube for answers.
1: Can I connect my existing DMR repeater to echolink and other nodes on Allstar links without a physical raspberry Pi interface at my QTH, And still create an account with Allstar Links for a node number.
2: I would like to have a good interface already build for a physical wire connections to my portables using a rasberry PI computer, can any one direct me to a manufacture. Half and full duplex.

That depends on your DMR repeater.
But there are many methods to get there.
Common is to use a node set-up with a USRP channel driver. If you can interface USRP to your DMR… all set.

You might install DVSwitch on the ASL server and set-up the DMR within that which uses the USRP if the DMR is network accessible. dvswitch

Thanks for info, enjoy learning