Allstar link disconnecting from another node IP doesn’t match!

So every morning my node is disconnected and the other node owner sent his log files.

Apr 24 04:51:14] WARNING[19939] app_rpt.c: Node 29978 IP 66.211.X.xx does not match link IP 66.211.xx.xx!!

Looks like the IP is changing, question is:
Is it Allstar refreshing the DNS? Or my provider?

it could be that /var/lib/asterisk/rpt_ext_nodes has not been updated in one of the 2 systems of the connection. Likely the one doing the disconnect.
So, the changed IP is not in the reg database of one of the machines and therefore rejected on non-match.

I can see this being possible immediately following a ip change. I am thinking there ‘can be’ a window of about 10 min before the file is updated.

Just a lead to chase down. Check the file after an occurrence.

At 7:52 am my internet provider is changing my public IP :thinking: everyday.
Sent an email and asked them why?

Obviously, your isp is DHCP,
I’m sure they can sell you a STATIC address.
You also have DDNS or a re-connection script.

I don’t know how many retries or time interval you get with a ‘conperm’ type connection. But is other option to try if no other. The node DB should be updated within 15min or less. 10min sounds correct.

From my ISP
your modem is configured for PPOE authentication, and every 12 hours it will reauthenticate and give you a new Public IP address.

Authentication is not addressing.
Your addressing is still dhcp, so everything I said above is still true.

Yes, agreed! Thanks!!!