AllStar Factoids: Did You Know?

Did you know there is a chart of the number of new AllStar user accounts and node requests per month? This chart is updated on the first of each month.

Did you know you can bookmark just about any forum view? Just arrange the view and bookmark as normal.

Here are some examples.
Top posts for the week,
The latest posts,
A particular category,
A particular topic, Example Script Showing RTCM Disconnect/Connect Status

Did you know there is an FAQ for this Community? Here is the URL

The current FAQ for AllStar is

Did you know that you can edit your posts after they are posted? Did you ever type “you” when you meant “your” but you realize it too late? Well with discourse you can fix it. Just press the pencil in the lower right of your completed post. You can do this a many times as needed.

Here a interesting discussion of post edits on the Discourse Community